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Henrich's Industrial Ethernet Solutions are tailor-made to unlock automation network convergence for demanding industrial applications. With help from Henrich solutions, multiple industrial networks can be unified into a single integrated Ethernet-centric solution that includes wired, wireless, and security connectivity. The outstanding performance and stability of Henrich's solutions form a trusted backbone for any business. With worldwide experience in product integration, Henrich also specializes in providing solutions for a variety of vertical markets, especially rail, ITS, smart grid, oil and gas, and industrial manufacturing.


IEC 61850 / IEEE 1588 Smart Power Substation Solutions

Henrich is a global leader in IEC 61850 & IEEE 1588 smart substation solutions, providing a wide range of networking and computing products for substation automation.



Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Solutions

Henrich's Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solutions facilitate real-time convergence of various sensor data, voice, and video by providing high-speed throughputs.


Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing Automation

Automation has kept manufacturers competitive in a global marketplace, but it can be difficult to achieve reliable communication amongst the specialized devices and protocols.