Custom / OEM

Searching for custom OEM industrial Ethernet solutions for your business?  Choose Henrich Inc. to solve all of your specific Ethernet needs. 

Original Design Manufacturing Solutions from Henrich Electronics
Is your product line behind dragging down your business?

Still not convinced? Just contact us to achieve your goals with seven competitive advantages that Henrich brings:

  • Free or limited engineering cost when production is considered
  • Guaranteed low cost
  • Engineering samples are available upon request

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    Our engineering service includes:

  • Custom OEM designs
  • Private labeling
  • Original Design Manufacturing

  • Software Development
  • For the past ten years, Henrich Inc. has developed industrial embedded products with in-house development skills as:
    (1) Embedded Linux System Development
    (2) Embedded Linux System editing and BSP editing
    (3) Embedded Linux Driver Development
    (4) System Software Development based on Linux Platform (ARM/Power PC)
    (5) Standard Ethernet Protocol Development
    (6) Windows-based Application Software Development

  • Hardware Development
  • For Industrial Communication Hardware Products, we have developed:
    (1) Industrial Ethernet Switches (up to All Gigabit Layer 3 Switches)
    (2) Embedded System Hardware Platform Development
    (3) Industrial Controllers
    (4) Industrial I/O
    (5) Power over Ethernet
    (6) Industrial Level 3 and Level 4 EMC Designs
    (7) Hot Swappable Modular Designs
    (8) IP67 Designs
    (9) 3G Based Embedded Networking Products
    (10) Industrial Routers

  • Mechanical Design
  • Our mechanical design team can develop practically any kind of design that serves you needs, We make prototypes from concept to product seamlessly in our well-run management system in a matter of days, instead of weeks.



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